Criteria & Rules

Fantasy Competition NM 2018

The theme for the 2018 Fantasy Category is superheroes

Choose a specific superheroe or make your own superheroe.

Judging will be on the following criteria:
1.Overall Look – 10points
This will be how you have created a full fantasy look from head to toe, how does the overall fantasy look? Is the look all theatrical and fantasy?

2.Theme – 10points
This will cover how well you have kept the theme, and how you have created your own version of the theme in a fantasy look.

3.Creativity – 10points
How have you made a theme into fantasy, what have you used to make it look different and unusual with lots of creativity.

4.Lash design – 10points
Don’t forget to create a design with your lashes, try to avoid using black lashes, be creative with your colours and your designs.

5.Lash decoration – 10points
Don’t forget to decorate your lashes with lash art, the more you put on the higher the points.

6. Classic Lashes – 5points
Volume lashes – 10points
If you apply volume lashes you will receive higher points than classic.

8. Lower Lashes – 5 points
Don’t forget to add lashes and decoration to the lower lashes for more points.

9.Hair design & Decoration– 5points
Remember that you are creating fantasy, so do something different with the
hair, the more outrageous the more points.

10. Make up – 5points
You don’t need to be a makeup artist but just remember this is fantasy, so try
to be creative, instead of plain everyday makeup do something different that
goes with your theme.

11. Cleanliness – 5points
Try and keep the look clean from glue marks, you will not be judged on
stickes but you will be judged on a messy look.

12. Body Makeup & Body Painting – 5 points
If you have added any colour to the skin to complement your theme , you will receive higher points. You do not have to be a makeup or body painting artist, we are not looking at full body painting only small parts of colour on the face and body. For instance you can paint a necklace or bracelet and colour this in, this is classed as body painting. If you add some body paint you will receive more points than someone that has not added this criteria.

Competition Rules

During the competition.
During the competition, you must place all the lash decorations onto the lashes, apply the face makeup and the hair design, NO HELP IS ALLOWED

What you can do at home before the competition.
You can make the costume and all the lash decorations, you must NOT put the decoration onto the lashes.
You can prepare your model with her classic or volume lashes, both top and bottom lashes but you cannot add anything else to the lashes or the face or hair.
You can prepare your models body and you can add body paint and body decoration.

On the day of the competition
You and your model will arrive, your model will not have anything on her face or lashes except her base lash extensions top and bottom (Classic or Volume) the hair should not have any decorations or style.
The body can be decorated and dressed in costume.

During the competition you will be expected to

✔ Add the lash decorations to the lashes
✔ Create and apply the face makeup to the model
✔ Styling the hair and adding decoration, colour etc..
✔ Adding face decoration
✔ Finishing off the entire look.

Time: 2 1/2 hours

Good luck everyone